The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males – The male hormone testosterone plays an important role in regulating sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength, bone density, red blood cell production and sperm production, as well as many other body functions. Testosterone levels generally decline as men age, but obesity has a greater impact on lowering testosterone levels than advancing age. Low testosterone is diagnosed when the level drops below 300 nanograms per deciliter.

The obesity rate in the Bahamas has created a nationwide health care crisis. Childhood obesity is an alarming health problem in our country. It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of men in developed countries are obese. Obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30. Overweight people have a BMI greater than 25 but less than 30. BMI is calculated by dividing your body weight in kilograms by your height in meters.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

Overall and abdominal obesity are associated with an increased risk of premature mortality, but research has shown that abdominal obesity may be a stronger risk factor for premature mortality than high BMI.

Testosterone Imbalance: Signs Of Low And High Testosterone In Men And Women

Obesity and overweight can lead to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and many comorbidities, including heart disease.

Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and kidney diseases are some of the main causes of death and health complications related to obesity.

Healthy lifestyle changes and behavioral modifications, such as implementing routine, regular exercise and a healthy diet, are of great importance in the fight against obesity.

Hypogonadism, or low testosterone levels, is very common in obese men, with approximately 70 percent of obese men having low testosterone levels. There is a bidirectional relationship between testosterone deficiency and obesity. There is a vicious cycle in which low testosterone levels contribute to the development and exacerbation of obesity, and obesity can lead to low testosterone levels. Testosterone can be metabolized into estrogen by fat cells, which lowers testosterone levels. Obesity also lowers testosterone levels by reducing levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBH), the protein that carries testosterone in the blood, so lower levels of SHBH lead to lower levels of free testosterone.

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels In Men?

Diet and behavior modifications are the first step in weight loss to address the vicious cycle of obesity and low testosterone levels. Exercise and dietary changes alone do not usually lead to sustained weight loss over the long term, especially in men with low testosterone levels.

Fifteen years of data was presented at the 2020 European and International Congress on Obesity which suggests that testosterone therapy may be very useful in the treatment of some obese men with low testosterone levels.

Dr. Farid Saad from the United Arab Emirates University School of Medicine and his colleagues have been studying the relationship between obesity and testosterone for over a decade. The study used a German registry monitoring men with low testosterone levels over a 15-year period.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

Professor Saad and colleagues analyzed data on 471 obese men who received long-term testosterone therapy and 276 obese men in a control group who did not receive testosterone therapy.

Common Side Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

It was shown that a group of obese men treated with testosterone lost an average of 50 pounds over eight years of follow-up. Obese men in the control group who did not receive testosterone therapy gained an average of 13 pounds during the same follow-up period.

All important parameters such as BMI, waist circumference and visceral fat measurements improved in the testosterone group compared to the control group. Mortality was significantly lower in the testosterone group compared with the control group; 7.6 percent compared to 32.3 percent

A striking finding of this long-term research study was that over the study period, more than 20 percent of men in the control group developed type 2 diabetes, while no men in the testosterone group developed diabetes during the same period.

The study involved 76 morbidly obese men, with 59 of them receiving testosterone replacement therapy and 17 of the morbidly obese men receiving no testosterone. Over the study period, the morbidly obese group lost an average of 66 pounds, and the control group of morbidly obese men gained an average of 11 pounds.

Testosterone And Exercise In Middle To Older Aged Men

In the prospective Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS), the transition from a non-obese to an obese state in men led to a decline in testosterone levels consistent with aging by ten years. Several large, long-term studies have shown that testosterone therapy in obese, testosterone-deficient men with varying degrees of obesity results in significant and sustained weight loss. The ideal testosterone replacement therapy for men who want to maintain fertility is a nasal spray. A side effect of most testosterone treatment preparations, such as intramuscular injection, patch, gel, or pellet therapy, is infertility because testosterone treatment reduces sperm production by reducing levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone FSH, which is important in stimulating sperm production. In most cases, infertility caused by testosterone treatment is reversible.

The results of these long-term studies examining the effects of testosterone therapy in obese men with low testosterone levels are very promising, but further, larger research studies are needed before testosterone therapy in obese men with low testosterone levels can be confirmed. Testosterone is an important hormone for men and women. is responsible for men’s sexual and reproductive health. It begins to grow rapidly during puberty, helping to develop primary and secondary sexual characteristics. In boys, it helps build muscle, deepens the voice, and increases the size of the penis and testicles. It also plays an important role in later years, maintaining mood, libido, emotional and physical health. Therefore, low testosterone levels can cause a variety of problems in men.

Here is a list of symptoms to help you understand whether you may have lower testosterone levels.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

1. Low energy: Sometimes we all feel full of energy, but sometimes our energy levels are quite low. However, there are situations when we lack energy and you may feel that you get tired easily and often. Fatigue is one of the common effects of low testosterone levels. If this happens to you regularly, if you are still tired despite sleeping 6-8 hours, consider visiting a consultant.

The Top 9 Strongest Testosterone Boosters To Buy (best Brands Tested

2. Changes in sex life: A sudden drop in sex drive or erection problems (erectile dysfunction) can be another common symptom of low testosterone levels. However, you should also be tested for other conditions, including heart disease or diabetes, especially if you are over 35. If you want everything to be private and discreet, request an online consultation.

3. Fuzzy thinking: Do you sometimes think your thoughts are blurry? Low testosterone levels can also affect your memory. It can cause stress, sadness and even depression, which can cause problems with concentration. They may be the result of low testosterone levels

4. Mood changes: Testosterone directly affects your mood, even leading to extreme sadness or mental depression. If nothing makes you happy, if you’re not the same as you used to be, go to the doctor.

5. Muscle changes: Muscle mass and strength decrease over the years. Because testosterone helps build muscle, low testosterone levels can cause a sudden decline in muscle mass. In this case, consult your doctor. This may be due to poor hormonal functioning.

High And Low Testosterone Levels In Men And Women

6. More body fat: If you have been in better shape or at a healthier weight for most of your life, but suddenly you start to gain weight, this may indicate low testosterone levels in your body. Additionally, if you are unable to lose weight even on a healthy diet, consider consulting your doctor. Your GP took blood and sent it to a laboratory to measure your total testosterone levels, but the results came back normal. What is going on here?

After all, you’ve been to the doctor because you have the classic symptoms of low testosterone: your sex drive is nowhere to be seen, you’re constantly tired, lately your beard doesn’t seem to be growing as it should, and you’re not sure, but you think you’re starting to lose it. part of body hair.

Moreover, you have gained weight and seem to no longer have as much physical strength or endurance as you once did. Moreover, your mood is also not the best because you have been feeling depressed for some time and you simply cannot concentrate.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Males

For many men, total testosterone levels do not tell the whole story. This is because total testosterone levels measure two different things: the amount of testosterone in the blood bound to proteins and the amount that is unbound or freely circulating.

Normal” Total Testosterone Results May Be Deceiving

The amount of free testosterone, or free T as it is called, is important because it is the free T, and to a lesser extent the albumin-bound T, that is bioavailable and able to do its job. These critical functions include regulating sex drive, fat breakdown, protecting bone and muscle mass, and ensuring the production of sperm and red blood cells.

The rest of the testosterone is bound

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