Read The Billionaire’s True Love | Julia Torres’ ongoing romance novel, The Billionaire’s True Love, invites readers into the world of corporate mergers, personal dilemmas, and unexpected romance. Through the eyes of determined businesswoman Ingrid Wilde and enigmatic billionaire Kareem Finnegan, the novel explores themes of ambition, desire, and the complexities of navigating professional and personal relationships.

Title The Billionaire’s True Love
Author Julia Torres
Publisher GoodNovel
Status Ongoing
Language English
Genre Romance
Age Rating 18+
Average Rating 10
Number of Ratings 2
Number of Chapters 3
Number of Views 13.5K

The Billionaire’s True Love by Julia Torres is an ongoing romance novel available on GoodNovel. With an impressive average rating of 10 based on 2 ratings and 13.5K views, this story seems to be capturing readers’ attention. Despite having only 3 chapters so far, it promises to be an engaging read for mature audiences.

Synopsis The Billionaire’s True Love

In the first three chapters of The Billionaire’s True Love, readers are introduced to Ingrid Wilde, a tenacious businesswoman committed to her career. When she crosses paths with billionaire Kareem Finnegan during a high-stakes merger negotiation, sparks fly, leading to a whirlwind of unexpected encounters and simmering attraction. However, their burgeoning romance faces obstacles as personal demons and shocking revelations threaten to unravel their budding relationship.

When Kareem unexpectedly enters Ingrid’s life, her carefully crafted world of work is turned upside down. His touch ignites a spark within her that she never knew existed. But as they grow closer, Ingrid finds herself entangled in Kareem’s past, including his tumultuous relationship with his ex. With scandals looming and threats from his vengeful former lover, Ingrid must decide whether to embrace love despite the risks or retreat to the safety of her solitary career. Will she take the leap into the unknown, risking everything for a chance at happiness? Or will fear hold her back from a potential happily ever after?

Dengan skandal yang membayangi dan ancaman dari mantan kekasihnya yang pendendam, Ingrid harus memutuskan apakah akan menerima cinta meski ada risiko atau mundur ke karier soliternya yang aman. Akankah dia mengambil lompatan ke hal yang tidak diketahui, mempertaruhkan segalanya demi mendapatkan kebahagiaan? Atau akankah rasa takut menghambatnya dari potensi kebahagiaan selamanya?


Ingrid Wilde, portrayed as a driven and ambitious professional, finds herself entangled in a high-stakes merger negotiation with billionaire Kareem Finnegan. Despite her initial reservations, Ingrid is drawn to Kareem’s charismatic demeanor, leading to an unexpected and forbidden romance. However, their burgeoning relationship is tested by personal challenges and revelations, including allegations of assault against Kareem, which cast a shadow over their newfound connection.

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Main Characters

  • Ingrid Wilde: A determined and ambitious businesswoman, Ingrid navigates the complexities of corporate mergers while grappling with personal vulnerabilities. Despite her professional facade, Ingrid struggles to balance her desires with her sense of responsibility, particularly in her burgeoning romance with Kareem.
  • Kareem Finnegan: A charismatic and enigmatic billionaire, Kareem exudes confidence and power, often using his charm to navigate corporate negotiations and personal relationships. Beneath his suave exterior, Kareem harbors secrets and complexities that add depth to his character, making him both intriguing and unpredictable.
  • Kate: Ingrid’s best friend and confidante, Kate provides unwavering support and comedic relief amidst the chaos of Ingrid’s professional and personal life. Her outspoken nature and bold personality offer a counterbalance to Ingrid’s more reserved demeanor.

Hot Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Ingrid finds herself facing Kareem Finnegan during a high-stakes merger negotiation, despite nursing a hangover and wardrobe malfunctions from a wild night out. Tension crackles between them as Kareem makes a personal proposition, setting the stage for potential conflict and intrigue.
  • Chapter 3: Kareem surprises Ingrid with a sensual encounter at her doorstep, igniting a passionate liaison that is interrupted by shocking news of allegations against Kareem. The revelation leaves Ingrid reeling, her perception of Kareem tarnished by the disturbing news.


  • Ambition and Desire: The Billionaire’s True Love delves into the themes of ambition and desire, exploring how the pursuit of professional success intersects with personal relationships. Ingrid and Kareem’s romance unfolds against the backdrop of corporate intrigue, highlighting the complexities of navigating ambition and desire in the modern world.
  • Professionalism vs. Personal Entanglement: The novel examines the blurred lines between professionalism and personal entanglement, as Ingrid and Kareem grapple with the consequences of their forbidden romance amidst corporate negotiations and personal dilemmas. Their evolving relationship challenges traditional boundaries, raising questions about loyalty, integrity, and the pursuit of happiness.

Author Introduction and Writing Style

Julia Torres, a versatile author with a diverse portfolio spanning genres, brings her unique voice and perspective to The Billionaire’s True Love. With a descriptive and immersive writing style, Torres skillfully paints scenes with vivid detail, drawing readers into the world of her characters. The first-person narrative provides intimate access to Ingrid’s thoughts and emotions, allowing readers to experience the complexities of her journey firsthand.

How to Read The Billionaire’s True Love

The Billionaire’s True Love is a captivating novel that promises an exciting read. You can easily access this thrilling story by downloading the Goodnovel app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, simply navigate to the search menu within the app and enter “The Billionaire’s True Love” to start reading. Don’t miss out on this compelling tale!


The Billionaire’s True Love promises readers a captivating journey filled with corporate intrigue, forbidden romance, and unexpected twists. With its compelling characters, dynamic plot, and exploration of themes such as ambition, desire, and the complexities of modern relationships, the novel offers an engaging read for fans of contemporary romance and workplace dramas alike.

As Ingrid and Kareem navigate the highs and lows of their burgeoning romance, readers are invited to accompany them on a rollercoaster ride of passion, intrigue, and the enduring quest for true love.