Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth

Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth – We’ve teamed up with professional astrologer The Red Mystic to find out what colors you should wear based on your zodiac sign!!!

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Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth

Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth

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The social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini likes to party, chat, exchange ideas and find levity in life.

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Your Lucky Colour As Per Your Date Of Birth

Never miss a beat on all the latest in style and fashion; How-to outfit ideas, insider shopping, inspiration and more! According to astrology, colors have a significant influence on people’s lives. However, many people do not believe this opinion. 90% people choose the color of their clothes based on personal preference which is completely wrong. According to astrology wearing any color clothes without any thought can be harmful. The science of astrology is unique. It covers a wide range of practices and customs. These recommendations are based on appropriate clothing and colors for each particular day. According to astrology, if you wear a different color every day, your luck will be in your favor. In this blog, we will explain which colors are best to wear on a particular day based on astrology.

According to Vedic Astrology, each Rashi has a different favorable and unfavorable planet. Each person has a unique lucky color and gem (ratna) based on astrology. When colors are used correctly, a person’s aura is strengthened and enhanced. The most important consideration is which colors will be beneficial for a person who does not know his marriage or rashi. Such individuals will benefit from using colors that match the days.

An easy way to use color is to wear clothes that match the assigned color each day. Astrology claims that each day of the week is associated with a planet. Some day-planet matches are fairly obvious, while others call for an understanding of ancient texts. The planets, colors and gems representing each day of the week are listed below. The process of getting dressed is going to be both auspicious and efficient!

Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth

So let’s find out which colors to wear for each day of the week according to astrology and its benefits.

Lucky Color According To Date Of Birth

In astrology, the Sun is seen as a reflection of the soul. Because of this spiritual connection, Sunday is the best day for spiritual activity. Sunday morning Surya Namaskar is a beautiful way to start the day and honor the Father Sun. Apart from this, sun worship is performed every Sunday. On this day, wearing a yellow, light saffron, pink or light red shirt will be beneficial as wearing these colors on Sunday will help you absorb more of the sun’s energy. Remember that wearing a dark saffron color shirt today is inauspicious.

Our emotional body enhances the Moon with its maternal influence. Honoring your yin or feminine energy is best done on a Monday. Reduce your stress and activity on Monday to please the Moon. Mondays are for connecting because the Moon is the planet of community and communication. It is auspicious to wear a white or light blue shirt on this day.

Mars is the planet for Tuesday. Our enthusiasm and vitality come from Mars. Mars is generally seen as a malefic planet due to its combative side. Mars is considered an engineer, so it is a favorable day for mathematics or research. Wearing red, yellow and saffron colors like on Sunday can bring positivity in your life. Besides, to pacify Mars, red coral is recommended as a gemstone.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is known for his quick wit, joy and youthful vitality. Trade, education and communication are ruled by this planet. Wednesdays are days for self-care and mind-care. Wear anything green, whether it’s a piece of jewelry with an emerald stone or your favorite shirt on Wednesday because Mercury symbolizes the color green. However, if you wear a green shirt too often, life will become boring.

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According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck and prosperity. As it is the planet of goodwill and charity, Thursday is considered a lucky day for service and giving of your time. Jupiter is a social planet, as is the Moon, and Thursday brings great pleasure with loved ones. It is auspicious to wear yellow clothes on this day.

This is the best day to study all aspects of art as Venus is the planet of creative arts. Embrace your inner rock star and get creative. Music, dance or making art can be considered ways to please Venus. Because of Venus’ beautiful femininity and close association with love, Friday is also ideal for romantic dates. On Friday, you can add some pink, white or light purple to your outfit.

Saturday is ruled by the heaviness and laziness of Saturn, making it less than ideal for business or charitable endeavors. This planet, which is often considered to bring loss and conflict, may be our greatest preceptor. At the beginning of the week, Saturn asks you to think about clearing your mind and preparing for the new cycle. Today will be favorable for outdoor meditation. According to astrology, Saturday is perfect for getting dirty with Mother Nature and taking advantage of Saturn’s energy. Saturn is represented by dark colors i.e. black and dark blue, so wearing black and blue on Saturday can give you auspicious results. Each zodiac sign is associated with a color that defines its personality. Do you know your lucky color and your zodiac sign personality? If not, this blog will explain it all. It is important to understand that each color is known to emit a wavelength that improves our life when aligned with the zodiac sign. Let’s find out which color reflects the personality of your zodiac sign.

Lucky Colour According To Date Of Birth

It should be understood that colors play an important role in our lives. Every color is given great importance in astrology. Each color improves our life when matched with a zodiac sign. With this combination, you gain confidence, calmness and the ability to realize your full potential. Let’s find out which color reflects your personality and notable features.

Every Zodiac Sign’s Power Colors—and Why They’re So Important

Aries: This sign is associated with the element of fire and hence is associated with the planet Mars. If we talk about lucky color then it is red. Predominantly red objects represent the bright color, brilliance, power and vitality of the natives associated with this sign. Red also represents love and aggression, and for Aries, it represents both power and enthusiasm.

Taurus: This sign is associated with Venus, the planet of love and femininity. Pink is very common to be associated with women as well as a child’s imagination, innocence and the beginning feelings of any new relationship. However, it is not appropriate to associate pink with a playful and light environment, but you can associate passivity with this color. For those who belong to Taurus, this sign symbolizes youth and childlike expression, however, it is difficult to take it seriously.

Gemini: Gemini belongs to the air sign and has dual character, besides it is associated with the planet Mercury. The lucky color for Gemini is light yellow which brings luck and success to the native. Yellow evokes a sense of discovery and progress, and as such, is perfect for the developing mind of Gemini.

Cancer: This sign is ruled by the Moon and silver is the color of this sign, with the use of silver, both wealth and prosperity are commonly associated. If you’re a Cancer, you’re on a quest for enlightenment, which means you also want to rise above your circumstances. Since silver is a neutral shade, it’s a great way to add a dose of power without looking overwhelming.

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Leo: This sign

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