I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely – Admitting to your friends or yourself that you feel lonely despite their presence in your life Why do you feel this way, many feel the same

I am currently in the middle of a hard breakup We lived together for seven years and dated longer than that, so I don’t question why I felt lonely after he moved out.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

I have great friends who want to be there for me but sometimes I struggle to talk to them about their breakups. Honestly, it seems like no one understands what I’m going through except me and my ex-partner

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So I don’t really talk to them, even though they are my friends and they do what friends should do: be there for each other

I can’t connect with them right now, at least not about this – and it’s made me realize that it’s possible to feel alone even when you have friends.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our ongoing series The Roots of Loneliness Project, a first-of-its-kind resource that comprehensively explores the phenomenon of loneliness and more than 100 types that we may experience in our lifetime.

A 2021 study found that only 59% of Americans say they have one close friend, and 12% say they have no close friends at all.

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With “tons” of friends you can struggle with loneliness, much easier than if you had no friends.

Many people have an abundance of what I consider “surface-level” friends—those who exist in your periphery but with whom you don’t have a deep connection.

When you lack that sense of connection with others and feel like you have no one to feel close to, however, you may struggle with loneliness, no matter how many friends you have.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

In my case, I have friends – good people – but I don’t feel like I can talk to them about their breakup. I am missing that connection with them, and feel lonely because of it

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A major life change, even if it’s temporary and short-lived, can leave you feeling lonely due to drastic changes in friendships They can become more distant – or completely isolated

If you’re someone who has a hard time connecting with others to begin with, moving or changing jobs can be daunting from the start and make you feel like you’re forever alone.

When you’re suffering from depression, there’s not much that someone “outside” can do for you other than be there when you need it – but you can’t ask for their help (or advice).

After my breakup – and never fully recovering from the plague – I was depressed and lonely

It’s Okay To Sometimes Feel Lonely Even When Your Life Is Full

I know my friends will be there to listen if they ask – but I know I don’t want to

It feels like they have no way of understanding my specific situation – even though that’s not true – so any advice they give isn’t meant for me.

On top of that, the emotions I feel when I talk about breakups don’t feel worth the effort.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

Bottom line: friendships can be rooted in loneliness amid a major life transition, difficulty making and keeping friends, or general depression and isolation. In some cases, a person may have many friends but lack a sense of connection with them This can also happen when you’re not close to someone, but if you’re struggling with something you can’t (or can’t) talk about. Friendship is a loneliness that many Americans face, myself included

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When you’re struggling with friendship loneliness, it can feel like you’re going to feel it forever — or you may even fear being alone. Thankfully, this is often a fleeting period in our lives that we have to push through

If you feel lonely or disconnected from your friend group, make a concerted effort to build a connection

Feelings of loneliness and depression can be hard to admit because we tend to stigmatize them, but there’s no shame in it.

I know what it’s like to feel unable to open up about something I am going through that myself There’s a saying that goes, “If you can’t be a good example, give a warning.”

Things To Do If You’re Feeling Alone

So get in touch with your friends; They may relate to what you are going through more than you realize

If you find yourself hanging out in a group setting that makes you feel lonely, set up a date with a friend for a while instead.

A more intimate setting can help you connect and overcome loneliness, and sometimes it’s easier to open up to one person than to a group.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

I know it sounds weird, but if you’re feeling lonely without friends—especially if life changes or circumstances have made it impossible to spend time with existing people—put yourself in a position to make some new connections.

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Join a local sports league, a club, an organization, or sign up for an evening class to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Yes, attending a group activity by yourself can certainly be intimidating, but one thing to remember is that others in the room are experiencing the same thing.

It takes a person to say something like, “I was a little nervous about joining this class myself, but I’ve always been interested here.

We all know that what we see on social media isn’t real—it’s a filtered version of reality—but scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can make you feel like everyone else is having all kinds of fun without you.

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A 2017 study found that people who spend more time on social media have significantly higher rates of social isolation.

Social media posts are filled with happy news, group photos from so-called birthday or retirement parties, engagements, weddings, and a fun social engagement you didn’t attend — or get invited to.

It can affect anyone even on our best day We feel disconnected from those social interactions as we stand outside in the cold and watch them through a foggy window.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

Taking some time away from social media can help you be more present in your real life while giving you a chance to stop comparing yourself to someone you think is doing better than you – whether that’s true or not.

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If a situational change has caused you to lose touch with your friend group, use this time as an opportunity to learn how to enjoy being by yourself – even if you only do it at home.

Go for a long walk, enjoy a nice meal, work out, catch the latest blockbuster movie, or curl up at home with a good book.

Being alone can be rejuvenating, but spending time alone is also a great way to make a deeper connection—with yourself.

If you have friends but still feel alone, the help of a professional can be beneficial

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Suffering from depression alone is difficult, but even if you’re struggling with a situational adjustment, a counselor or therapist can provide an ear and some helpful insight.

Just talking through what you’re feeling can be a big help, but it’s also good to get an objective opinion on your situation.

The bonus is that therapy and counseling are done confidentially—so if you’ve got things to get off your chest and feel like you can’t confide in your friends, a professional can fill that void.

I Have Good Friends But I Feel Lonely

Bottom line: At the end of the day, there’s no one way that will work for everyone trying to overcome the lonely feelings of friendship. It can be overwhelming but you can take loneliness into your own hands and make an effort to deal with it – and eventually overcome it.

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Regardless of why you personally struggle with friendship loneliness, know that many people have experienced this same phenomenon

It can be embarrassing to admit that you feel like you don’t have any friends because it makes you feel “sad.” (You’re not!)

It can also be difficult to admit to your friends that you feel lonely despite their presence in your life, because you don’t want them to take you for granted – or that they’re “not good enough”.

Everyone goes through dark times in life—loneliness among them—but you’ll find a way to cope and rebuild meaningful connections.

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“When I am surrounded by people, I always feel lonely I feel like I don’t have any friends, but I do I know others care about me.

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