How To Save Money On Fuel Costs – Let’s clear the air about ethanol and the cost of fuel. Have you ever noticed that E0 or ethanol-free gasoline is 40-60 cents more expensive than regular E10? This is a great example of the cost benefit that ethanol brings to gasoline and to our wallets. Ethanol is a cheaper additive compared to the toxic aromatics used in the refinery.

Unless you’re looking for E0, all other gasoline contains 10% ethanol. A recent analysis found that blending 10% ethanol into gasoline saves the average family $306 a year. That’s at least how much more you’d spend on gas if it weren’t for ethanol.

How To Save Money On Fuel Costs

How To Save Money On Fuel Costs

You may see even greater savings by choosing higher ethanol blends. E15, E20 and E30 are between 2-10 cents cheaper than regular gasoline at JumpStart in Colwich and throughout the Wichita metro area. The biggest question asked at JumpStart is why does the price go down when the octane or numbers on the button go up? This is because ethanol is historically cheaper than gasoline and the retailer passes the savings for higher octane fuel on to the consumer.

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In addition to helping save money, ethanol also reduces the United States’ dependence on foreign oil imports. Each ethanol truck moves more than 110 barrels of crude oil. So the next time you fill up, remember that ethanol helps make your fuel more affordable. And you’ll save even more when you try higher ethanol blends. We have helped people to drive more than 400,000 kilometers greener and cleaner and planted more than 270,000 trees, but we all saw the fuel prices growing steadily, and with the Ukrainian-Russian. War, £3 per liter is imminent and we are all looking for ways to save fuel.

It is easy to say just switch to Electric Vehicles (EV), but the reality for many is that it is not a viable option today, but even the waiting list on EVs is 4-12 months.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on fuel costs, which means you can still afford to fill up the car to make it to school, go to an event or travel to work.

One of the simplest ways to save money on fuel costs is to avoid stopping your car when it is parked, such as waiting for a friend, or making a drop-off. Some people idle in their cars to stay warm during the winter, or to stay cool in the summer, but it is easy to see that this practice can be expensive. Idling your car for just fifteen minutes can burn up to 1 liter of fuel, which at £2 a litre, will cost you 10-£20.a week. In an average year, a person driving 12,000 kilometers will have their car serviced 1,440 times and waste 3,360 gallons of fuel while waiting. That’s a lot of wasted money!

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Driving during rush hour is one of the fastest ways to increase your fuel costs. Peak hours are usually between 7am and 9am, and then from 4pm to 6am. Avoid driving during these times as you will see a spike in traffic and your fuel consumption will be higher as it takes much longer to get from A to B as congestion is much higher. With more flexible work and the norm of WFH, try to vary the time to avoid congestion. If you absolutely must drive during rush hour, try to take an alternate route and roads to avoid congestion, or use public transportation such as tubes and buses.

Some gas stations offer more competitive prices than others, so choose where to buy your fuel very carefully. A liter of unleaded petrol can be much cheaper in one garage area than another, always make sure you fill up at the cheapest! Also avoid buying gas on the highway because it can be much more expensive.

Some people mistakenly think that using premium fuel will save them money on their long-term engine and garage costs. In some cases, it can be. But if you don’t need the higher octane to run your vehicle, then it’s better to use regular gasoline to save money.

How To Save Money On Fuel Costs

One way to save money on fuel costs is to look into carpooling and sharing lifts. allows you to offer family, friends, colleagues lifts. You can offer them a lift and the Ride app will automatically share the costs with them, which is a great way to save money and reduce congestion. You can also plant a tree every trip, laugh or share.

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Our eco-conscious blog writer. Passionate about sustainability, she is on a mission to combat ecosystem decay with insightful blogs, driven by her concern for the future of the planet. Who isn’t! There’s a reason most of us get the January blues. But what if we told you that eating packaged noodles seven nights a week isn’t the only way to save? You can save a considerable amount of money on fuel by changing just a few things about the way you drive.

We will give you a few tips to save money on fuel. The polar bears will thank you too!

It’s a new year full of new beginnings – a great time to kick your bad habits! If you are serious about this, you need to start paying more attention to the small details in your driving style. Do you often let your mind wander when you’re behind the wheel? Thinking about your weekend plans, and forget to watch your speed? This needs to change if you want to see a real change in fuel economy.

1. Save fuel by avoiding rapid acceleration and braking Make sure you drive at a steady speed and anticipate the road ahead, as accelerating and braking wastes fuel and money. It is certainly acceptable to brake sharply when necessary to prevent a collision, but it should not be part of your everyday driving style.

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2. Save fuel by driving at a safe speed Go easy on the pedal – for safety, but also for your wallet. Not only does the quick acceleration and braking waste fuel, but even speeds above 60 mph can be hard on your fuel consumption. There is a specific driving technique called hypermiling, which makes your car “flow”, driving at an optimal speed but adjusting to the road ahead.

3. Save fuel with the right gear Try to get into the habit of using high gears – drive in the highest gear possible without the car ‘labouring’ or struggling to keep going. Shifting quickly, skipping a gear while shifting, can save a significant amount of fuel. Make as few adjustments as possible to regulate your speed.

4. Save fuel by thinking ahead Plan your trip in advance, so you don’t drive more than you have to trying to figure out where you’re going. When on the road, be sure to anticipate what is coming. Remember: constant stopping and starting can use more fuel, so leave a safe space between you and the car in front.

How To Save Money On Fuel Costs

5. Save fuel by maintaining your car Regular maintenance improves the efficiency of your car. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly, as under-inflated tires require more force to turn and use more fuel. The condition of your brake pads also has an impact.

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6. Save fuel by turning off your engine when parked It may be cold or hot waiting for someone in a parked car, but as long as your car engine is running, it uses fuel. Turn off your engine, if you are parked, to prevent wasting fuel.

7. Save fuel by reducing the weight in your car On average, every 50kg will increase your fuel consumption by 2%. This is relative to the weight of the vehicle, so smaller cars are more affected by the increased weight. Avoid storing unnecessary items in the car or carrying heavy items on your roof. Increases wind resistance decreasing fuel economy.

8. Save fuel by keeping your engine warm Starting your engine cold several times increases fuel consumption even if the total number of miles you drive remains the same. Try to combine your trips where possible and make outbound trips into separate short trips.

It might be a lot to consider, but make this your New Year’s resolution and, over time, you’ll notice a considerable difference in the amount of money you spend on fuel. UK petrol prices jumped by almost 7p a liter in August, according to the RAC, the fifth biggest monthly jump in 23 years. Here we explain how you can reduce the cost of driving.

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The price of petrol rose in August for the third consecutive month, while diesel costs also rose significantly, according to data published by RAC Fuel Watch.

The latest increases have seen the cost of an average tank of petrol rise from £80 to £83.74. Meanwhile, filling a tank of diesel has become about £4.50 more expensive.

The rise in the cost of oil has caused wholesale prices to rise

How To Save Money On Fuel Costs

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