How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy – Relaxed abdominal muscles, extra skin, increased fat and a relaxed pelvic area contribute to the post-pregnancy “belly bag”. But don’t worry, Dr. There are a number of non-surgical post-pregnancy tummy tuck options available at T Anti-Aging Clinic Melbourne.

The skin is our largest organ, and as a woman’s body adjusts during pregnancy, it is subjected to a lot of stress. From stretch marks, varicose veins, acne to spider veins. Most of these problems go away after pregnancy, but unfortunately some women still experience weight gain, a “mommy belly” and loose, sagging and stretched skin.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Skin is made up of collagen and elastin, it expands when we gain weight, but when we suddenly lose weight, such as after giving birth, it has a hard time getting back to its original shape. Fortunately, many excellent non-invasive, non-surgical treatments can restore your skin, especially on your stomach, to its former glory.

Coolsculpting After Pregnancy

Relaxed abdominal muscles along with fat, extra skin and a relaxed pelvic girdle after pregnancy give the belly a saggy appearance. It is also commonly called “mummy belly”.

It’s often one of the biggest body confidence issues for moms in the months and years after giving birth. Many find it incredibly difficult to change, even with a healthy diet and exercise.

The gestational sac separates after a few months of pregnancy, and for some women it never completely disappears.

Postpartum mothers should allow their bodies enough time to heal before any body shaping procedures. The most common recommendation is to wait at least six months after giving birth. When a mother feels healthy and strong after the first six months, she can definitely book body sculpting treatments like TruSculpt Flex and TruSculpt iD.

The Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

It is highly recommended to get an assessment and clearance from your GP. This is to rule out any serious conditions such as diastasis recti, abdominal separation before starting treatment.

Our range of fat burning, muscle building and skin tightening treatments include TruSculpt iD, TruSculpt FlexandUltherapy. They work to non-invasively reduce fat, tighten muscle and lift sagging skin with no discomfort and no downtime. These procedures can be performed separately, but they are also safe to combine. The combination creates a fantastic overall body contouring result.

All 3 treatments are used for different problems and produce different results, but all have the following in common.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Belly fat is tricky, it can be stubborn to lose and unfortunately very easy to gain. This can be one of the most frustrating types of fat, especially for women who tend to accumulate fat in the lower abdomen after pregnancy. Fortunately, as technology advances, we can now benefit from some great non-invasive treatments that can help melt away post-pregnancy fat and get in shape faster. TruSculpt iD is one of them.

Habits To Lose Belly Fat

TruSculpt iD targets and destroys stubborn pockets of fat. This is the third generation of Cutera radio frequency (RF) body contouring. It is the first and only RF device with FDA and TGA approval for fat removal. That’s what makes it so exciting.

It works by using heat to destroy the fat cells in the target area without damaging the surrounding skin. Once your fat cells are destroyed, your body naturally processes them in the lymphatic system as waste.

Armed with 6 hands-free fat-removing pads, Trusculpt ID can target larger surface areas and has no side effects compared to traditional fat-freezing options. A full stomach treatment also takes only 15 minutes. This means you have more time to spend with your new bundle of joy.

TruSculpt Flex is used to improve muscle tone and muscle contour. The procedure can be tailored to your individual goals and needs, according to your body type and fitness level.

Latest Weight Loss Treatments To Help You Lose Belly Fat

The low level of released energy ensures high-intensity deep muscle contractions. Using MDS (Multi-Directional Stimulation), treatments are specifically designed to stimulate a variety of workouts by repeating intense twists, squats and crunches. You’ll feel like you’ve had a great workout at the gym after the treatment, and it’s a great way for busy mums to tone and strengthen post-baby muscles.

Ultherapy is designed to tighten and firm the skin by stimulating regenerative collagen production with focused ultrasound waves. Collagen, often called the framework of the skin, keeps your skin smooth and youthful. Over time, collagen production naturally slows down, causing skin to become loose throughout the body. It can affect the stomach area, and results are often worsened by pregnancy or weight loss.

Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to tighten and tighten sagging skin around the abdomen. It essentially triggers your body’s natural process to create fresh, new collagen.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

The thing about Ultherapy is that it targets the deep layers of the skin without disrupting the outer layers. Therefore, there is no downtime after treatment.

How To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

It offers an excellent alternative to surgery with zero downtime, minimal discomfort and long-lasting collagen stimulation that continues after treatment.

The experience of pregnancy and birth is amazing and beautiful. Postpartum weight loss and skin tightening are natural problems that many women face as they work to achieve their pre-pregnancy weight and figure. We are here to help. Join our community of happy moms who feel great and confident about their bodies again after pregnancy.

Every body is different and each body needs a customized treatment plan. We offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation to assess the severity of your post-pregnancy loose skin and fat retention.

During your free, no-obligation comprehensive consultation, I’ll get to know you and discuss your desired results, final experience and concerns so we can get it right the first time. We discuss timelines, expectations, best treatments, and payment plans.

Can Belly Fat Return After A Tummy Tuck?

Most importantly, I’ll explain why they’re the best options and go over the results you can expect so you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re making the right decision. Why do I still look pregnant? It takes time for your body, and especially your stomach, to fully recover from pregnancy. You’ve had a baby, but you may still look like you’re six months pregnant, with a belly that’s thinner and rounder than you expected.

Think of your belly as a balloon that slowly inflates as your baby grows. During childbirth, the balloon does not pop, it just begins to leak slowly. The reduction in the size of your belly may be slow, but it will be steady.

Since the birth of your baby, hormonal changes cause your belly to shrink. However, it takes another six to eight weeks for your uterus (womb) to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size (Berens 2019).

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

The extra fluid that has accumulated in your body during pregnancy will gradually decrease, reducing swelling and bloating (Berens 2019). And any extra fat you put on to feed your baby will begin to burn off, especially if you breastfeed and exercise (Berens 2019). But it takes at least a few weeks to see noticeable results.

Fixing Diastasis Recti, Post Pregnancy Belly In 10 Minutes Of Daily Exercise

After giving birth, you may still have a dark line called the linea nigra along with a network of stretch marks.

Linea nigra is caused by pigmentation in the skin where your abdominal muscles have stretched and separated slightly to accommodate your baby as she grows (APA n.d.). This line of pigmentation usually disappears within a few months after giving birth (APA n.d.).

Stretch marks are caused by your skin stretching over your rapidly growing body during pregnancy (NHS 2019c). They can be on the stomach, thighs and chest (NHS 2019c).

You cannot get rid of stretch marks completely, but they will fade over time. Eventually, the lines will look like fine streaks closer to your skin color (NHS 2019c). Try to be patient. You may not like your stretch marks now, but they will look a lot better in six months. How long will it take for my stomach to return to normal? We’ve all heard stories of new moms regaining their pre-pregnancy bodies within weeks of giving birth. Although it is possible, it doesn’t happen that way for most moms. Keep in mind that your body may change shape after pregnancy. It may be difficult for you to return to your exact pre-pregnancy weight or shape.

How To Treat Postpartum Saggy Skin

Patience is key. It took nine months for your abdominal muscles to stretch to accommodate a full-grown child. So it makes sense that it can take weeks or months to re-establish itself (Berens 2019).

Most women do not regain their pre-pregnancy weight until around six months after giving birth (IQWiG2018, Adegboye et al 2013). How can I safely lose weight to help my stomach look better? Breastfeeding can help, especially in the first few months after giving birth. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll burn extra calories to make milk – around 300 calories a day (NHS nd), although the exact amount varies from person to person. You may lose weight faster during pregnancy than formula-fed mothers, but this is not guaranteed (Jarlenski et al 2014).

Breastfeeding also causes contractions that help shrink the uterus, which can help you get in shape faster. However, if you eat more

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Pregnancy

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