How To Get Rid Of Grey Beard – This past year I started seeing gray hairs appearing in my beard! Most guys my age will start to see some gray around the age of 30, and for many, gray hair is visible on the face before it appears on the top of our heads. While I was one of those weirdos who wanted my hair to go gray when I was 20, you might not feel the same way when you notice your first gray hairs. Do not worry; We’ve been helping men with gray beards for years, and I have tons of advice on keeping your facial hair healthy!

First of all, don’t panic. While gray hair may remind you of your impending mortality, it’s also completely normal for it to appear when you’re young. If you’re feeling a little freaked out, rest assured that most people find men with gray hair attractive, and many style icons have at least a little salt and pepper. I think they look cool, so I’m pretty happy I have them.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Beard

How To Get Rid Of Grey Beard

Now that your hair is starting to lose some pigment, you’ll want to focus on good beard care to keep the beard happy, and if it’s your goal, slow down the graying process as much as possible. The basic principles of beard care will never change:

The Types Of Hair You Should And Should Not Be Plucking I Sugaringla

If you’re new to the process, you can learn all about the essential steps of beard care here, but if you already have a solid routine in place, you’re off to a great start! Now that we’ve set a course, let’s talk about a few forks in the road that will tempt you.

Don’t panic if you find grays! Take a deep breath and start grooming that beard.

No! Plucking can eliminate the gray, but it’s a band-aid solution that doesn’t address the core problem. Hair changes color due to age, genetics and stress, and plucking won’t change that. In addition, plucking can damage the hair follicles, causing your beard to thin if you do it often.

This one is completely down to personal preference, and you should definitely pursue what helps you feel happy and confident, but personally I wouldn’t dye my beard. Having dyed the hair on my head before, I know how difficult it is to maintain and the damage dye can do to your hair. Aggressive dyes from the drugstore are very damaging to your coarse, dry beard hair and become even more vulnerable due to the lack of pigment. Even the thickest beards will undoubtedly suffer from frequent dyeing.

Stress Can Turn Your Hair Gray—but It’s Reversible

When I dyed my hair, I didn’t mind some roots showing my original color, especially if it was a dark root under a lighter color. However, once the roots get too long, you will need to dye your roots. With a graying beard, the lighter roots underneath a dark color can look strange, especially in a prominent area like your face. While a freshly dyed beard will look good on the first day, you may also want to think about what it will look like in a few days or weeks. Moreover, beards have many more shades than the hair on your head. Many white people, including myself, have brown, red, blonde, black and gray hair in their beards. Making your blended whiskers monotonous will definitely look unusual if your hair isn’t usually one solid color.

I hope you are now willing to accept the gray. If not: no judgement! I encourage you to experiment with some of the natural dyes out there, or even try a close shave to see how you like it; just stay away from tweezers and cheap, nasty dyes. If you’re shaving for the first time in years, I have some great tips to help you get started. Otherwise, continue here for the best gray beard care advice!

Start with the three essentials I mentioned earlier: washing, moisturizing, and brushing. Gray hair is often more sensitive and drier because older skin produces less oil, so keep that in mind when choosing products. Wash your beard with the gentlest option, such as a PH-balanced beard shampoo or a gentle beard bar. Consider doubling the fluid to get things as hydrated as possible. I like Tremendous in-shower beard conditioner for starters because it deeply conditions my hair and prevents breakage. I then follow up with a leave-in cream and/or beard oil daily.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Beard

You may want to consider a heavier option when it comes to oil. Although all of our oils saturate well, completely gray beards will absorb much more oil. To save some $$$, buy a bottle of Mammoth Argan-based beard oil, which is much thicker and lasts much longer than thinner oils. I always follow oil with a beard balm to really lock in that moisture. The oil soaks deep into the hair, but the balm creates a waxy seal that prevents it from drying out again, especially in dry or windy weather.

What Do I Do When My Beard Starts Turning Grey? By Nathan Gareau

A common myth is that gray hairs are coarser, but they just feel that way because they dry out easily. In any case, they are more fragile than regular hair, so take it easy! I’m a big believer in brushing your beard often, but you may want to replace your super stiff brush with something softer, like our Kent of Inglewood Beard Brush or a soft Kent of England Brush. I also like to use my brush after I have oiled it, so that the hair is soft beforehand and less likely to break.

Finally, think about the color. The general advice to slow down graying hair is to quit smoking, as putting less strain on your body will slow down the aging process that causes grayness. Another reason to drop the analog vape is to avoid stains. Cigarette smoke will quickly turn the hair around your mouth an unattractive yellow color, which will likely affect the number of people you want to hug. Likewise, you can use a colorless mustache wax, such as D.R. Harris or Uncle Normans and work them well into your hair, as white hair shows clumpy, yellow wax much more clearly than dark whiskers.

Ultimately, the better you take care of your body and beard, the healthier it will be and the slower the color will change. Yes, that’s obvious, but maybe this is just the motivation you need to make those changes in your life! Do you need more help caring for your beard? Then view our other useful articles or visit us personally for more advice. Beard turning gray? Bro, don’t worry… embrace it! Sure, Old Father Time keeps going, but it happens to all of us. It’s impossible to turn back the clock, so we might as well bust out our new silver fox look and live every day to the max.

Besides, as Indiana Jones said, it’s not the years, it’s the miles. A well-groomed gray beard is a sign of experience, wisdom, maturity, stability and reliability. It clearly separates the men from the boys with an attitude of “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt – and the beard!”

Male Celebrities With Beards

While you may be concerned about the appearance of your gray beard, we want to tell you that what’s more important than just the changing color of your beard is how healthy it is.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the do’s and don’ts of having a gray beard and give you sage advice on how to keep it looking sexy and distinguished.

Not yet convinced that a gray beard is hot? Do you need some inspiration? Then take your pick from so many legends who have openly embraced their white whiskers…

How To Get Rid Of Grey Beard

Bro, leave that puppy where it is! It took time and sacrifice to cultivate your epic facial forest. Don’t throw it all away. There are ways to make the most of gray!

How To Soften Your Beard

At the first sign of white hairs on your chin, you may be tempted to reach for a bottle of paint. Our advice is to forget that nonsense, focus more on keeping your beard healthy and let nature take its course. The chemicals in those dyes are terrible for the health of your beard, drying it out and making the whiskers brittle and frizzy.

Coloring a beard is difficult, to say the least. Matching the right color shade to your beard is a nightmare! Even a slightly mismatched shade looks ridiculous. You look like a man trying to hide his gray, which is not good for exuding a rugged, confident style.

Furthermore, no matter how permanent a color is, it can still show up. You really don’t want that Rudy Giuliani thing to happen. Uncomfortable! And you really don’t want to have stained sheets and pillowcases. Cheap supermarket color kits just don’t stick. And professional paint jobs cost a fortune.

Those gray hairs need love if they want to project a debonair image. Because there are so many shades and phases of gray in a beard, these can be emphasized with regular cleaning, grooming, trimming and shaping.

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When in doubt,

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