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How To Get Rid Of Bees Behind Siding

How To Get Rid Of Bees Behind Siding

Gardeners know that pollinators are essential, especially those worker bees that buzz tirelessly in and out of squash blossoms and trumpet vines. But one type of bee can wear thin your patience if you have discovered their craft: carpenter bee! If you have found perfectly round half-diameter holes drilled in the wood of your deck, wood siding, mailbox posts, or outdoor furniture with a little sawdust under the holes, you can house these gentle bees.

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Actually they are fascinating native pollinators. They’re about three-quarters to one-inch long with bright bellies, not fuzzy back ends like bumblebees. They may seem intimidating, but they are docile bees who are more interested in going about their own bee business than bothering you. “Carpenter bees are solitary. She’s a single mother who builds a nest and forage for her young, “says Keith Delaplane, PhD, professor of entomology at the University of Georgia. “She’s just trying to make a new generation.”

In advance, here are other things you should know about carpenter bees, as well as how to discourage them from nesting in and around your home if you don’t want to deal with holes:

Social insects such as bees and some types of wasps live in large colonies and will aggressively drive you away to sting if you accidentally disturb their nest. (Read how to keep bees away from your home and how to keep wasps away from your home.) But a lonely carpenter bee just wants to build a house for his family.

The bees appear in the spring. “The females are precious, they sneak in and out of their holes. But men are territorial. You will see them hovering around, fighting and chasing each other, “says Delaplane. They will divebomb you, too, if you get close.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Around Your Home

But carpenter bees are not a threat to humans or pets. Men have no sting; they are just interested in fighting each other and getting a girl. And while females have pricks, you should grab and press him hard. “In my 30-plus years of entomology, I’ve never heard of a single sting from a carpenter bee,” says Delaplane.

Carpenter bees are actually important pollinators. In fact, it was discovered that they contribute to blueberry pollination by encouraging the presence of bees. “Carpenter bees steal nectar from the side of blueberry flowers instead of pollinating the flowers. Honey bees are attracted to the holes, and they arrive in large numbers to pollinate the berries,” says Delaplane. It is an amazing example of how insects work “together” to do a job.

The simple answer is they need a place to call home. After the females mate, he digs a hole in a wooden surface with his strong mandibles. He drills in about half an inch, then makes a turn and tunnels with the grain. Each tunnel can take up to a month of work. It creates a series of cells where it will deposit food and lay its eggs. The next generation appears in late summer and winter in the old tunnels.

How To Get Rid Of Bees Behind Siding

The good news is that carpenter bees do not pose a major risk to your home. “They don’t do structural damage, like termites can,” says Delaplane. “Most of the damage is cosmetic, and occasionally, if several generations have used a tunnel, it will breach the surface of the wood.” Rarely, a secondary problem can occur if woodpeckers discover the bounty and drill through the wood in search of bee larvae.

Protect Your Siding By Spotting And Fixing Common Problems

Let’s say you’ve had enough of their antics. It’s not easy to stop them because that’s what they do! For most people, an occasional hole is not a big problem. However, if your patience is exhausted, you can try some options:

·  Add a protective coat to the wood surface. Carpenter bees are diverted from painted, sealed and pressure treated wood surfaces. It’s not foolproof, but it can reduce the numbers, says Delaplane.

·  Use vinyl, aluminum, or cement board cement and composite products when possible because they cannot penetrate these materials.

Unfortunately, applying insecticides or essential oils on surfaces is not helpful. There is little evidence these products work, and the substances do not penetrate the wood. Products should also be reapplied often, and treating all potential surfaces in your yard would be impossible. As for traps, they are worthless. “You might get some visceral satisfaction from trapping one, but it won’t solve your problem,” says Delaplane.

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This is an effective way to discourage repeat nesting. For tunnels that are easy to access, treat the entrance holes. Spray the tunnel opening with a product labeled for carpenter bees. Leave the holes open for a few days, then plug them with caulk, wood putty, or a wooden dowel with wood glue. If you don’t treat the hole, the bees can chew their way out. Sealing the holes also helps prevent moisture intrusion and rotting.

But if you have a large-scale problem, such as several carpenter bees drilling into your home’s wood siding, woodpeckers looking for an easy meal, or holes located above ground level that require the use of a ladder, consult a professional pest control company. . The company should treat individual holes to ensure that no visitors return, says Delaplane.

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How To Get Rid Of Bees Behind Siding

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How To Get Rid Of Bees Behind Siding

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