Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60 – One of the most common questions we get from someone starting an exercise routine is “What are the best exercises for me?”

While there are tons of resources on the best exercises for weight loss or the best exercises for specific conditions, women in their 60s are at a unique time in their lives. Not considered a young adult, but barely considered an elder. Not to mention post-menopause and all the bodily changes that come with it. This requires specific guidance.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

There are certain requirements for women over 60 to exercise effectively and lose weight. So what are they?

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There are many factors to consider when answering this question: cardio vs. weight training, dos and don’ts, how often to exercise, how to lose weight and keep it off , and what works for real-life people.

If you are a woman over 60, this is for you. If you’re not, well, stick around, you might be able to help someone who is.

Losing weight in your 40s, 50s, and 60s can prove to be much more challenging than it used to be. Why is that?

There are several reasons why your postmenopausal body seems to be a little more resistant to losing weight and keeping it off.

Fit At 60

Many women during and after menopause have problems sleeping. Reduced quality and duration of sleep can lead to unexpected weight gain.

We don’t have to tell you that as a woman, your hormones go through a wild ride all the time. From menstrual cycles to childbirth and menopause, it can feel like a rollercoaster. Estrogen in particular can cause body fat to increase when levels are very low or very high.

Muscle tissue changes from decade to decade, no matter who you are. Muscle mass declines approximately 3-8% per decade after age 30 and this rate of decline is even greater after age 60. Muscle loss can also contribute to limited physical abilities, low energy and a decreased metabolism.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

Women naturally become more insulin resistant as they age, resulting in increased insulin and blood sugar levels. This can lead to additional weight gain.

Losing Weight For Women—at 40, 50, And 60

While these factors may seem like obstacles to looking and feeling the way you want, know that we have some simple solutions to combat them. Making changes to your diet and nutrition is a necessary part of making any lasting changes to your body. This may take some experimentation and guidance from your doctor or dietitian to decipher what works best for you. As far as exercises go, we’ve got you covered. Strength training is the most effective way to combat sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). Helps maintain and increase lean muscle mass. By adding lean muscle mass, your body naturally burns more calories, which helps with fat loss and maintenance. Strength training is also a very effective sleep aid. In fact, just two slow sessions a week can help you sleep better and longer. And if that’s not enough, improved sleep helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which we know is one of those pesky side effects of aging. So prioritize strength training to maintain muscle mass, improve sleep, regulate blood sugar levels, and make changes to your diet based on your nutritional needs. (We suggest starting with protein intake!)

Yes, women in their 60s (and all ages, really) should lift weights. Muscle is not a game for young people. Men and women can gain strength and muscle at all stages of life.

A big reason why this is so important is that muscle mass declines approximately 3-8% per decade after age 30 and this rate of decline is even greater after age 60. Muscle loss can also contribute to limited physical abilities, low energy, and decreased metabolism.

The short answer – it depends on why you’re doing it. The long answer, we need to dive a little deeper…

Exercise For Women Over 60: Your Guide To Getting Lean, Strong And Fit, Safely & Effectively

Cardio is an aerobic activity that significantly increases the heart rate, thereby conditioning the cardiovascular system. The most common cardio activities are walking, cycling, running and swimming.

Many people do cardio with the intention of losing fat, which is not that effective. But many others do cardio to meet psychological and emotional needs.

Going for a walk or run can be a great way to reduce stress, clear your mind, enjoy nature and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

A potential problem is that cardio activities create more opportunities for injury. High-intensity cardio like running, sprinting, jumping, or anything that involves explosive movement involves high levels of strength.

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Because women in their 60s are at greater risk of injuries such as falling (WHO), some of these activities may need to be avoided.

Running, jumping, or any high-impact activity can also be hard on the joints. Genetics and pre-existing conditions also play a role here. Some of us are blessed with knees that will never give out, making it possible to endure activities like this with little or no challenge.

While others of us have joint problems, cartilage loss or injury that makes such activities painful and unsustainable.

If you’re in the latter group, activities like walking and swimming may be ideal for you, especially in your 60s. Both create little or no impact on the joints – and they’re fun!

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat: 24 Best Exercises & Workouts

Slow-motion strength training (SMST) can induce cardiovascular conditioning, fat loss, and muscle strength gains. When doing SMST, there is no need to do cardio or aerobics. But if it’s something you want to do, then choosing what’s most comfortable and safe for the body is ideal.

To answer the question of whether or not women in their 60s should be doing cardio, here’s our answer:

When we say exercise, we specifically mean high-intensity strength training. Everything else counts as recreation… and it’s important to have both. Read more about exercise vs. recreation to learn the difference and why it’s so important.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

Because high-intensity exercise is very taxing on the body, sufficient time is needed for full recovery between workouts. By taking more time than necessary to recover, you’re potentially missing out on another productive training session!

How To Lose Belly Fat At The Gym: 2023 Edition

Training once a week is a good option for some people. Compared to exercising twice a week, once-a-week exercisers can expect to achieve approximately 70% of the results of those who train twice a week.

This can be ideal for someone who has extremely low energy levels, struggles with multiple health issues, or has a budget that is best suited for once-a-week workouts.

Remember when we talked about doing activities that meet psychological and emotional needs? Consider rest days a great opportunity to do those activities and avoid other high intensity or strength training exercises.

In summary, most women over 60 get the best results from exercising twice a week or once every 72-96 hours.

How To Balance Your Hormones With Exercise

The best exercises for women in their 60s are those that will help build and maintain muscle mass. These exercises should also be safe for the joints and support bone strength.

Dr. Boccicchio, the creator of slow resistance training, also says that exercise should be something we can maintain throughout our lives.

A few specific strength training exercises are useful for a 60-year-old woman, but we suggest focusing on these 5 impact exercises: Leg Press, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Curl, and Sit-ups.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

The Leg Press Machine is an amazing piece of equipment because it allows you to fully target the largest muscle groups in the body: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

How To Lose Belly Fat When Over 60

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at changes in bone density in women between the ages of 65 and 75 after a year of strength training.

Over the course of the study, the trend of bone loss that comes with age not only stopped, but reversed.

The leg press was the only major lower body exercise. In addition, it was credited with helping the lower back, since no direct exercise was performed on the muscles of the lower back. By improving bone density, the leg press reduces the risk of fractures in high-risk populations…that is, women over 60.

The chest press is a highly effective way to strengthen the pectorals (chest muscles), triceps and anterior deltoids. These muscles are critical in lifting movements. Your front deltoids are responsible for raising your arms in front of you.

Lose Upper Belly Fat Fast: Diet And At Home Exercises

Carrying groceries, blow-drying hair, lifting a suitcase into a basket, or pushing a heavy door open are examples of activities that can become easier with stronger deltoids.

This exercise targets the Latissimus Dorsi (the ‘lats’ or wings of the back), the Trapezius (the ‘traps’ or upper back), the Pectoralis Major (the chest), the rear deltoids (the shoulders), the Biceps brachii (the front of the upper arm)

Training the lats improves the shape of the back. As lean muscle tissue is added to the lats, it gives the back a “V” shape. Gaining muscle in your lats can help make the “love handles” look less noticeable.

Exercises For Belly Fat Female Over 60

Retraction also helps to improve the aesthetics of your hands. Biceps and shoulders are key players in this exercise and will help make your upper arm muscles more defined.

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Thighs are big

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