Everything I Need To Know About Kittens – Welcoming a new kitten or cat into your home is an exciting experience and can be the start of a wonderful friendship. Adopting a cat also comes with a lot of changes for both of you. Our guide on planning for your new cat will help you make the transition as easy as possible.

Once you’ve decided to give your cat a home, it’s time to prepare your home and get it ready for the cat. You need to make sure that you leave enough time to make adequate preparations, and to go shopping for everything they need.

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

The most important thing your cat needs is quiet, peaceful and secluded space of his or her own. It can be a secluded bedroom or a cozy spot in the corner of your living room. This will ensure that your cat gets used to one space before exploring the rest of your home.

Best Pet Supplies And Tips For Kittens And Puppies (2022)

Maybe you are thinking about what to buy for your cat? Watch our video for top tips on essential cat products for your new arrival. You can buy cat products online in our store, where you’ll find everything from cozy beds to toys and mats.

It’s important to make sure your new cat has everything they need before bringing them home. To help you provide for your pets, we’ve put together a checklist.

Download it, take your shopping with you and stick it on your fridge – it has everything you need for a new addition.

Before you bring your cat home, you need to think about preparing them for the outside world. All animals adopted from Kariya will receive a mandatory level of veterinary care, including:

Find A Kitten? Why Taking It To A Shelter Should Be Your Last Resort.

If you adopted your cat from somewhere else, these are all things you need to think about. Vaccination, microchipping and neutering are especially important.

Neutering is an important act to prevent a woman from getting pregnant, and a man to get her pregnant. You need to make sure that your cat is neutered to avoid unwanted kittens. There are also many health benefits, including a reduced chance of developing certain cancers and other diseases.

Protection recommends that kittens be spayed at four months of age or younger, although they can be spayed at any age.

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

If your cat or kitten has not been vaccinated, you will need to take them to the vet to get them vaccinated.

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Cat Or Kitten

The first vaccination should be given to kittens around eight to nine weeks of age. Time is important – too early and the medicine will not work properly, too late and they can get infected. Two vaccinations are required, three to four weeks apart. will need antibiotics to boost immune levels.

Microchipping is the easiest and safest way to find a lost cat, keep your cat safe if they go for a walk. Keep your profile up to date and you’ll increase your chances of a happy encounter.

You can make an appointment to have your cat microchipped by a veterinarian or trained by an insured member of an animal welfare organization. Protection often offers microchipping as part of the service. The method is easy and does not cause harm to your cat.

Registering with a veterinarian is very important and with so many services to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Follow our advice on how to choose the right veterinary practice for you and your pet.

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It is illegal for anyone who is not registered to work as a veterinarian. You can find a full list of veterinary specialists on the RCVS website.

If you’re contacting local cat owners, ask the place to see what pet stores they’re registered with. Referrals are a useful way to find a veterinarian that is right for you.

Choosing a vet that is close to you is important. As well as being convenient, it’s good to know that your vet is close by in an emergency.

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

While most veterinarians can perform a variety of medical and surgical procedures, there are likely to be times when your cat needs professional care. For example, your cat may have a complicated fracture that requires treatment. Home surgery should be able to point you in the right direction.

How To Prepare For A Kitten

Planning pet insurance for your new cat is just as important as getting them settled. Designed to help protect you from unexpected costs related to your cat, you may need it for future pet bills. It is important to research your policy thoroughly to make sure it meets your needs.

Help and advice From the moment you take your cat home, to their inevitable old age, we are here to support you with our expert guidance. Find out more

Bringing a cat home Find out more about bringing a cat home and how to help them settle in with our expert guide. Find out more Getting a new kitten is an exciting time for any family. Cats can be really good pets for the right people, but it is important to prepare them as much as possible.

If you’re thinking about getting a cat, make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility. You need to make sure you can meet your pet’s welfare needs and consider:

New Kitten Essentials Checklist — Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital

You can read more about everything you need to think about before deciding to get a cat on our pet care pages. You can also download our full list of things to get your furry friend.

Once you’ve decided to get a kitten and you’ve found a good place to get them, you can start preparing for their arrival:

Once your cat is home, it’s important to get them into a routine. Cats like consistency so try to keep feeding them at the same time every day. Use the same food and litter as the breeder or shelter at first and gradually change them. If you can find a blanket or towel that has the smell of the breeder’s house on it, this can help your new kitten feel comfortable in the first few days of the new home where everything is different.

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

Even if you plan to let them run the whole house and outside, keep them to just a couple of rooms at first so they don’t panic and you can keep an eye on them. In the first few days, let them explore at their own pace and don’t disturb them too much – stay close but let them come to you. Remember to play with your pup to keep them active but let them sleep when they are tired. Once they are more confident, you can introduce them to other rooms of the house.

Caring For Kittens From Birth To Eight Weeks

Get them a check soon after bringing them home. Make sure your kitten is fully vaccinated and dewormed before you introduce them to the outside world. It is a good idea to have them also microchipped, because if they get lost or misplaced you will have a chance to be reunited. They can be neutered from four months of age and will help prevent any unwanted litter and can protect them from some cancers and reduce the risk of fighting with other cats.

Our advice covers everything you need to think about before getting a new cat – including where to get your cat.

Our vets give their advice on how to keep your cat at the right weight and how to know how your cat should be in shape.

Looking to buy supplies for your new kitten? We sell everything from food and toys to health supplies for cats in our online store.

Preparing Your Home For A Cat

Get your free diet and exercise guide Give your cat the best start in life by reading our top exercise tips and vet advice on nutrition! #Take it easy When you get a kitten, the first step should not be to move them or take them to a shelter! In fact, if you have a cat or kitten, stop, and follow these simple steps.

What to do When you find kittens 1. Find out if the kittens are in a place with a known threat (dogs, traffic, etc.).

Do not touch the cats, check to find out if they are in an area with a known threat such as traffic.

Everything I Need To Know About Kittens

2. If you know there is a threat, move the kittens to a closer, safer place so the mother can find them but they are safe from the threat. (On the other side of the fence, under a nearby structure, etc.)

Kitten Care 101

Healthy kittens have clean fur and big bellies. Sick kittens will be thin, dirty and likely to have crusty eyes or a runny nose. If the kittens are safe and there is no known threat where they are, leave them there. I know it’s hard because we’re used to being in between, but think of them at this point like you’re a nest of baby birds. Maybe mom is back to normal even if they are alone for a while.

4. If they look fine and you leave them where they are, check on the mother every few hours.

Once you see the mother back, you can rest

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