Essay On Climate Change And Its Effects

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Essay On Climate Change And Its Effects

Essay On Climate Change And Its Effects

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Mother Nature And Climate Change: We Must Take Action: [essay Example], 989 Words Gradesfixer

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Essay On Climate Change And Its Effects

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Effects Of Climate Change

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Climate Change Essay Climate change can be caused by various activities on Earth. When climate change occurs; Temperatures can increase dramatically. When temperatures rise, various changes can occur on Earth. for example, It is more flooding; Droughts or heavy rains may occur as well as more frequent and intense heat waves. Oceans and glaciers have also undergone some changes: the oceans have warmed and become more acidic; Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. As these changes occur more frequently in future decades, they are likely to present challenges to our society and environment. Human activities over the past century have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Most of the gas comes from burning fossil fuels to produce energy. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the Earth, absorbing energy in the atmosphere and warming it. This is called the greenhouse effect, and it is necessary to sustain life on Earth naturally. However, climate change poses risks to human health and ecosystems while increasing greenhouse gas emissions. People have adapted to a stable climate…

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Climate Changes, So Should We…

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