Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Ppt – Every organization has different departments that are responsible for the tasks related to their department. Just as the finance department is responsible for all financial matters of the organization, the sales department must meet its sales targets. Similarly, the HR department needs to coordinate activities such as recruitment, performance measurement, performance appraisal, salary management, etc. Human resource department plays an important role in an organization as it is the workforce that works to achieve the goals and objectives of any organization. of the organization. Proper management of human resources is important to effectively integrate their skills and efforts into the organization. They should maintain a good relationship with their employees, help them manage stress and provide guidance when needed. The HR department must ensure the safety of the employees and create a pleasant working environment for the employees.

A PM is a liaison between management and the workforce in the workplace. It helps in managing employee compensation and legal issues. The nature of the Prime Minister is administrative. It is mainly aimed at maintaining the relationship between employer and employee within the organization.(Onsongo, 2012) Human resource management refers to managing people within the organization by providing training, guidance, etc. (Sparrow, 2006) They are responsible for hiring people. Create and develop resources to be operational in the organization. They work to achieve different organizational goals and individual goals.

Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Ppt

Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Ppt

It is a management method concerned with the effective use of an organization’s human resources to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

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At HSBC, performance appraisals are used by the HR department as a way to determine the basis of pay. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations are conducted to ensure that the employee’s performance is at an appropriate level. Their salary base is fully aligned with the job evaluation. HRM of TESCO needs to organize proper training to manage the stress of the employees. On the other hand, the Prime Minister did not conduct any training to relieve the stress of his employees at the workplace. Evaluate how the HRM function helps the selected organization achieve its goals. HRM is responsible for many functions and they have different duties and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. Audi is a British car manufacturing company. Audi has various management and operational functions.

Performance appraisal is an important process to measure the performance of employees at Audi. Employee performance evaluations are being conducted to gather information on meeting performance standards. They believe that proper training and orientation should be given to the employees which can help them to improve their skills.(Greaves, 2003) Training is an important requirement for the best performance of the tasks. They must provide employees with adequate working conditions and a safe and secure work environment. The HR department is responsible for motivating and motivating employees. Bonus refers to employee benefits provided in addition to salary to motivate employees. These benefits are bonuses, bonuses, incentives, etc. (Sparrow, 2006) HR department works on stress management so that stress does not affect the performance of employees.

1.3 Assess the roles and responsibilities of line managers in your organization or a familiar organization and how they support the HR function.

At Audi, strategy development and performance management systems are developed by line managers. They work to cope with changing business conditions and other high level business activities. They are responsible for developing human resource policies and procedures.(Onsongo, 2012) This is aimed at maintaining a healthy relationship between employees and managers, and is aimed at increasing the performance of employees and their motivation. For all these reasons, managers can change employee attitudes and behaviors. There are different top managers in the organization who are responsible for providing advice and guidance to the employees when needed. They provide periodic instructions to employees to control work flow (Sparrow, 2006).

Solution: Personnel Management Human Resource Planning And Workforce Planning

Labor law is the so-called legal system aimed at maintaining the relationship between the employee and the employer and protecting their interests in relation to the workplace. This regulatory and legal framework creates an impact on human resource management, because they are responsible for implementing the acts established in the organization. There are certain legal rules and regulations that must be followed by organizations doing business in the market (Lussier and Hendon, 2013). Audi’s compliance practices include:

HRP provides clear direction to the management regarding the human resource needs in the workplace. It is important to achieve your goals. Nothing can be done right without planning. Human resource planning ensures current human resource availability and future needs. It helps in the formulation of strategic plans and helps in proper management of human resources. HRP ensures that human resources are available at the right time and in the right place. It helps the organization to get people with right skills. First, the human resource department evaluates the number of job applicants in the workplace, then evaluates future requirements, develops programs and takes appropriate measures to meet the needs of the organization (Jones, 2008).

Planning helps the process go smoothly. It can help in the proper implementation of the plan and determine the future needs of human resources.

Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Ppt

HRP is a long process with many steps. Each step has its own significance. These steps include –

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Human resource planning policy plays an important role in the recruitment process because the current recruitment process has some shortcomings which can be solved by proper planning. Candidates were first interviewed by phone. The questions asked are irrelevant and do not meet the requirements. These are questions that should not be asked in a phone interview because they are irrelevant in nature.

Screening Interviews – HRM conducts screening interviews for candidates. During a telephone interview, the interviewer asks specific questions. Candidates who do not meet the requirements or lack effective communication skills will be eliminated at this stage.

Selection Test- A selection test is a test designed to find out the basic capabilities of a person as per the requirements of the job. These are different types such as aptitude, psychometric tests, general knowledge, etc. (Jones, 2008).

Interview- An interview is a process of directly asking a person about their education, experience, training, etc. Recruiters spend more time verifying the authenticity of the candidate.

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Background Check- This is a general check of the candidate’s background, previous experience etc. This is important and most organizations accept it because candidates lie about their experience and education.

The recruitment and selection process involves the general procedure of hiring an employee, which shows the individual criteria and skills required by the organization. Every organization plans its recruitment and selection process based on the job description and the skills required of its employees. Improper recruitment and selection can increase employee turnover. Determining the skills and qualities of the person is very important because it is necessary to hire the person who fits the right profile. Recruiting practices should not be too complex as this may cause difficulties for the organization as they are not able to find the right candidate due to the critical recruitment process.

Cadbury has proper selection and selection techniques. It is important to consider both internal and external candidates when hiring. Internal recruitment is more efficient because there is no onboarding or training cost and an internal recruit helps the organization to know and understand things quickly. The reference already exists in the organization. It is cost-effective and time-consuming for the organization. The selection technique is based on interview and other tests of those candidates are judged on different basis. Cadbury believes that it is important for an organization to test the various capabilities of a candidate, so it conducts various tests and decides the selection based on the test scores. With the help of various recruitment techniques, the organization can find the most suitable candidate for the organization.(Onsongo, 2012)

Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Ppt

Task 33.1 Evaluate the relationship between incentive theory and incentives at Virgin Media or an organization of your choice. If you think there is a link, your answer should show what connects the two.

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Virgin Media was founded at that time

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