Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late – As women we automatically start to question, why is it late? Is something wrong? God, I’m sure I’m not pregnant. do I What does Google say?!

Our daily stress levels play an important role in our hormonal health and stress has a direct influence on our monthly cycle.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

If you read on, you’ll probably find that it plays a role, but here’s a list of other reasons, if you

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It is normal for your cycle to vary slightly from month to month. If your period is 2-3 days late, this is considered a normal variance rather than a late period.

In general, if your period is 5+ days late, that’s when it’s considered a late period. So if it’s just because of yesterday, just relax and be a more patient girlfriend.

But it’s a delicate dance and the levels of estrogen, progesterone and various other hormones in your body need to be just right for ovulation and menstruation to occur.

If you are stressed, there are many different pathways in the body that are affected…and all of them can cause a missed period.

Can Stress Cause A Late Period?

Your sex hormones are part of a group called steroid hormones. These are all made of cholesterol, specifically LDL which is often referred to as ‘bad cholesterol’.

Yes, you read that right! Our sex hormones are made from something we have been taught to fear and this is one of my reasons

Below in this article I will explain how stress is not always what you think, but for now, just know that any form of stress leads to an increase in cortisol.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

When your cortisol levels rise, this has an effect on all of your steroid hormones due to a pathway called Pregnenolone stealing.

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As I mentioned above, Pregnenolone is the ‘Mother’ of steroid hormones because it is a precursor to the others. Look at it as a building block needed to create other steroid hormones.

The issue that arises in this pathway is that when we are very stressed, our body will continue to produce cortisol to enable us to handle or ‘deal’ with this stress.

Due to the primal nature of the human body, stress is seen as a danger. So, if we are in ‘danger’ cortisol is produced and our body enters fight or flight mode to increase our chances of ‘getting to safety’. This is why your heart beats faster when you’re stressed and you feel hyper-alert (aka hyper-disconnected).

If you are actually in danger, having a baby at that time is not a good idea for your survival. This is why sex hormones are placed at the bottom of the list – because we don’t need them for our immediate survival.

Common Reasons Your Period May Be Late

Inadequate sex hormone levels will cause either delayed ovulation or anovulation (where you don’t ovulate at all) and this means your period will be late.

During normal conditions, pregnenolone (Mother’s hormone) is made in the brain, adrenal glands and ovaries. Thennit will transform into all the different steroid hormones in the appropriate ratio.

But as soon as there is some kind of stress in your life, cortisol production takes precedence. And cortisol is made from progesterone!

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

In your body, pregnenolone is converted to progesterone and then converted to cortisol during stress. More cortisol means less progesterone.

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Remember that Pregnenolone is the ‘mother hormone’ or building material, and progesterone is the female sex hormone that becomes dominant after ovulation.

Although low progesterone alone will not cause your period to be late, because of the way this hormone is produced, it can also cause low estrogen and that

As mentioned above, cortisol takes precedence over all other steroid hormone production. DHEA is a hormone needed to be converted to estrogen and testosterone.

So if you live a high-stress life, pregnenolone is taken away from the pathway needed to make your estrogen.

Reasons Your Period Is Light

In the first half of your cycle, your estrogen needs to rise to a certain level to stimulate your ovaries to release an egg.

If your estrogen is too low during this phase, ovulation may be delayed or not occur at all and this will result in a late period.

Are you guilty of this? I’m sure! In the past, sugar was one of my staple foods to pick me up.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

Unfortunately, a diet high in carbohydrates and refined sugar is another stressor for the body. And that means it leads to more cortisol being produced.

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When you overeat sugary foods, a sudden spike in insulin causes your adrenal glands to release cortisol.

You already know the negative effects of high cortisol on your monthly cycle but it actually has a two-fold effect.

Both this study and this study show that acute exposure to stress leads to the rapid development of insulin resistance and this study shows that long-term chronic stress also contributes to the development of insulin resistance.

This is all important because insulin resistance can cause ovulation to be delayed or, in the case of insulin-resistant PCOS, not to occur at all. If you ovulate late, your period will be late.

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If you have a one-off or something stressful at a time when you would normally ovulate, this can delay or prevent ovulation.

This ‘one off event’ could be an important deadline at work, a minor car accident, someone verbally abusing you or a case of food poisoning.

Unfortunately, your body has no way of distinguishing between all the different stresses in your life.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

Regardless of why you are stressed, your body’s response will always be the same. It will produce cortisol and adrenaline to send your body into fight or flight mode.

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A ‘proper diet’ starts with adequate calorie intake. If you eat less, your menstrual cycle will stop.

A suitable diet also contains, plenty of fiber, healthy fats, protein and unrefined carbohydrates. No macronutrient should be left out!

Did you know that as a woman, you actually need a certain amount of body fat to ovulate?

If you love the gym but your periods are irregular, you may need to consider your goals against your need for a healthy menstrual cycle.

Causes Of Irregular Periods

In our modern world, chemicals, environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals are everywhere. And they can all disrupt our endocrine system.

An endocrine disruptor is any chemical that can mimic our natural hormones or bind/block hormone receptors on our cells.

If you cringe a little when you read that list and realize you’re exposed to a ton of these lists, you’re not alone! And the thing is, you can’t do better until you know better!

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

No point stressing about it (pun intended). Just head over to the EWGSkin Deep Database for some great information on cleaning up your home’s toxin load.

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Our bodies are primal and the response to stress is enforced on all of us. The fight or flight response is evolution’s way of keeping us alive and safe.

Problems arise when cortisol production is not turned off quickly enough or if the stress response occurs too often.

If your body starts showing the negative side effects of a high stress lifestyle (like late periods) you really need to deal with it.

In the article, I talk about proven techniques for immediate, in-the-moment stress relief, how to support your body so it can handle stress more effectively, and I also cover some practical long-term anti-stress approaches.

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One of the most important pieces of information in the puzzle of your late period is when (and if) you ovulate.

I use the Daysy fertility tracker to confirm I have ovulated but other options include the Fertility Awareness Method (click here for my course) or an ovulation test from a chemist, although these are not always accurate.

For starters, this is very difficult to address in a blog post because your individual needs will determine the best course of action.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

It depends if you actually ovulate, if there is a possibility that you can get pregnant and if you

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A soothing hot bath with magnesium salts and a good night’s sleep are two remedies that will help, but the main thing to take away from this post is that if you have a late period due to stress, you need to deal with the stress!

Sorry, I know this isn’t the quick fix you may be looking for, but addressing the root cause is always the best approach.

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Having a late period can be very distressing, especially if a woman is used to having regular periods or is worried about an unexpected pregnancy.

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However, there are many other reasons why a woman may have a late period, from birth control to stress.

Prolonged periods of stress can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, making it longer or shorter, or even causing a missed period.

Avoiding stressful situations, getting regular exercise, and getting enough sleep can help a person relieve stress and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

Can Stress Cause Period To Be Late

If female

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